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Towards Creating Capability

In our ‘School plus Program’ we endeavour to address this vital issue regarding education by handling it from the very beginning. For this we employ three pronged strategy-

1, Reach out to clusters of migrant workers and other slum-dwellers and encourage them to send their Children to our Centres.

2, These children are then motivated and enabled to join the main stream schooling System, wherever possible.

3, They continue to regularly come to our Centres where support is provided in their studies and other activities as they get almost no guidance from their parents. It is because of this lack of vital support that children develop fear for studies and dropout from schools.


Providing Education to First Generation Learners: Majority of the children of less privileged classes get almost no guidance, support at home as their parents are illiterate.. It is because of this lack of vital support that children develop fear for studies and dropout from schools.

• Through our ‘School Plus’ program we endeavor to assist children with their formal education. We strongly believe in the power of literacy and formal education. We encourage all our children to get enrolled in formal schools. Once enrolled we support their educational needs so that they can keep up with their school work.

We also try to lower drop our rates by following up with the children, their families and the community.

  Raise Awareness - ACHIEVEMENTS

• We have been able to impact the lives of more than 1500 such children.

• All the leading Newspapers of Lucknow have carried elaborate stories on my work. Latest being on 28-08-2021 in Sandesh Vahak which printed our steps taken during Covid 19.

• Stipend was given to four meritorious students by State Bank of India.

• Helping children and their parents in opening of Bank Accounts and making of Aadhar Cards

• Interaction with ‘Rickshaw Sports Project’, an Initiative of University of Cambridge in 2013.

• In 2011 and 2014 Rotarians from abroad visited our center and were delighted to see our mode of functioning.

• Operation Blue Line: From November 2015 we have launched operation Blue Line in which all the growing girls are given Sanitary Napkins.

For change to happen the community needs to change …one person at a time.

• We try to create a awareness to society about the rights and plight of the migrant workers and there children.

• Keeping this in mind we regulary hold meetings with the parents, at our centre and also in their communities.

  Community Outreach

• From time to time we organize Health camps and dental checkups for not just the children but their families too.

• We distribute warm clothes and blankets.

• Distribution of solar lights and bicycles.

• Help in opening bank accounts .

• Regular meetings with the parents at the center and in their communities

Operation Blue Line - Under this Program we distribute Sanitary Napkins to arrround 15 girls.

• Organizing puppet show, magic show etc to create awareness of vital issues like gender equality, girl education, cleanliness, hygiene and pollution.

  Confidence Building Through Stage Presentations

Samarth Foundation has been also promoting creativity and confidence building measures for our children by enabling them to present on Stage in front of large, distinguished audiences. They have performed at various platforms like Mohommad Bagh Club, State Bank of India, Rotary Club, Lions Club etc.

A Variety Programme was staged at Valmiki Rangshala (Sangeet Natak Academy) Amongst the dignitaries who graced the occasion were Mrs. F. Abraham, Principal- La Martiniere Girls College; Ms. Sunita Aron, Resident Editor- Hindustan Times; Ms Amrita Dass, Director- Centre for Career Studies, Shri ShriRam Arun erstwhile DG Police of UP.

we were honoured by the gracious presence Surabhi Ranjan & Dr. Farah Usmani, the Ex. President of ‘Akanksha Samiti’ The children presented a Variety Programme. The power-packed programme captivated the audience. Dr Usmani encouraged the children with her inspiring words. She praised the children for their effort, appreciated their energy. In 2013 children celebrated Independence Day with Farah Usmani, President of Akanksha Samiti.

the Team of Seven Bikers from Gujrat visited the Gomti Nagar Centre. They were travelling throughout India to spread awareness for education. They were amazed by the performance staged by our children.

  Various Collaborations with other organizations and people

We firmly believe in utilizing every resource we can and are keen on working together with likeminded people and other organizations. Some of the organizations we have collaborated with over the years include -

Collaboration with the Social Work Department, University of Lucknow
Samarth Foundation was identified as one of the centres for providing training for students pursuing Masters of Social Work (MSW) at Lucknow University. Since 1012 students of various semesters have joined the organization for their field work assignment. This year 2 students of MSW, first semester have joined us. They have infused youthful zeal and formal methodology to our work.

Collaboration with Bimba Kala Kendra
Children attend various Cultural functions organized by it. They also distribute useful items like blankets stationary etc. Often their members organize sessions to create awareness about various relevant issues.

Interaction with ‘Rickshaw Sports Project’, an Initiative of University of Cambridge, London

A six member group interacted and played with the children of our organization from 2nd Aug. to 14th August, 2013 through the good offices of ‘Project Khel’. For our kids it was once in a lifetime opportunity and an honour to be guided and cheered by them. Undeterred by the sweltering summer heat these foreign students taught the children new games and activities. The children reciprocated by playing Kho-Kho and Kabaddi with them. Beth commented that the talent and the skills of the children far exceeded their expectations.

Collaboration with ‘Teach India’ (A ‘Times of India’ of Initiative)
We entered into collaboration with the ‘Teach India’ programme launched by the ‘Times of India’ in 2008 and 2009. Accordingly twenty six volunteers joined the organization. It was largely due to the support of these volunteers that we have been able to sustain our activities in the initial stages.

Lions Club

Rotary Club

Akanksha Samiti

Project Khel

  Target Groups

Children of Migrant Workers When families migrate in search of work to urban areas, the able bodied members take up jobs at various construction sites and other places. The children are however left to their own devices; helping their parents, looking after the household and taking care of their younger siblings. They often live in squalid and unsafe conditions. Some of these migrant workers also move into domestic work. They have no permanent settlement and have to move from one place to another As a result of this unique situation the migrant workers and their children get caught in a cycle of exploitation and neglect. In this whole process their childhood. Almost 90% of the children belong to this group.

Children Belonging to OBC/SC Classes
Almost 65% of our students belong to this category. Generally their support systems in the cities are weak

Girl Child
As much as 70% of our students are girls. Their progress and confidence level is to be seen to believe.


Achievements of Children: Continuous Achievements of our children is a major outcome of all the work that we have been doing since the last several years.

• One of our students was selected for the Kennedy-Kruger Youth Exchange and Studies Program by the State Department, USA in 2014: She spent one year in the USA for further studies. After BBA, she is now working in TCS, Noida.

• One of the girl was selected for Kennedy-Kruger Youth Exchange and Studies Program by the State Department, USA in 2014: She's back and now pursuing BBA.

• A girl from our Center topped in 10th Class in her school by getting the highest percent of marks. She was also awarded ‘Taravati Arora Cash Award’ of Rs. 5000/--. She later went to Italy for six months on a scholarship (2021).

• A painting of a girl was selected in an All India Art Competition organized by ICS. ( Institute of Career Studies) Forty schools across India as well as Singapore and Dubai participated in it. The painting has been published in the calendar of 2014 that was taken out by the institute to celebrate its 25 years of establishment.

• Our children are a doing exceedingly well and securing position. In 2018 seven children topped in their individual classes.

• Three girls joined English Medium Schools.

• One boy is now a coordinator in an established NGO and another Head Clerk in a Degree College.

• Another boy is preparing for Civil Services.

• Many children acquire good positions in their respective classes.

• Many of our children are participating and winning in school competitions.

We are a small organization and believe in utilizing all available resources to the maximum. We have a strong support group of volunteers, like minded individual, groups and organizations. Through this model we try to ensure that our children come first and most of the donations that we get are used for them and very little go towards administrative expenses.

• Ours is a Grass-Root Organization that works directly with the people. We believe that children need to be nurtured and loved and educated if they are to grow up into responsible citizens.

Confidence Building through Stage Presentation: We have been also promoting creativity and confidence building measures for our children by enabling them to perform before large, distinguished audiences. Children have performed at various platforms like Mohammad Bagh Club, State Bank of India, Rotary Club, Lions Club, Srajan Vihar, Sangeet Natak Academy.
A Variety Programme was staged at Sangeet Natak Academy,The list of distinguished guests included Mrs. F. Abraham, Principal, La Martiniere Girls College, Sunita Aaron, Editor Hindustan Times and Amrita Dass, Director ICS
The children performed at Sangeet Natak Academy on 10th October 2019 on the occasion of the Book Launch of Divya Shukla’s ‘ Shadows and Light’.
The children had also presented a Variety Programme before Surabhi Ranjan and Dr. Farah Usmani and Renu Pandey, the former Presidents of Akanksha Samiti. The President of Akanksha Samiti is the wife of the Chief Secretary of UP. Their esteemed presence was a great honor for us. The power-packed programme captivated by the children fascinated them. They were also impressed by our model of functioning in which we maximize our resources. A Team of Seven Bikers from Gujarat visited the Gomti Nagar Center. They were amazed by the performance staged by our children.

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